MonetizeYour Software

Whether it is a web application or a legacy software, our Software Commercialization Platform (SaaSMoney) helps you make more money out of it. From automating your service plans on the landing page, to starting the trial period all the way to completing the payment, SaaSMoney is all you need.


Our team of experienced consultants can make accessing, building, integrating or operating cloud solutions or services a much easier and more fruitful journey.

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We offer business as well as technical cloud workshops. These range from a half day to a full week hands on training course.
Introduction to Cloud Computing, Cloud Economy, Cloud Security and Cloud Development are some of the exciting titles.


Our Appreneurship Apprenticeship program is the ideal solution for established as well as want-to be entrepreneurs who need to minimize risk through mentor-ship and practical advice and support.

The program takes you from idea to market launch.


News & Events

Dafater Participates in GITR-STC Event

GITR-STC-24th Sep 2014

Wed, Sep 24, 2014

The first National Final of Get in the Ring: Saudi Arabia, STC Challenge took place today, on the 24th of September.


Dafater Showcased at the Entrepreneurship Conference


Thu, Sep 11, 2014

BusinessClouds presented Dafater during the First International Conference on Entrepreneurship.


Dafater Presents @ Oqal Meeting

Oqal Group Presentation 2 - 12th May 2014

Tue, May 13, 2014

BusinessClouds presented Dafater yesterday on the 25th meeting for Oqal Group in Riyadh.


Dafater Goes Commercial


Sun, Mar 23, 2014

BusinessClouds announced yesterday that it is releasing Dafater for the public.


First Angel Round, Raising SAR 2m is Officially Complete


Sat, Dec 21, 2013

BusinessClouds successfully completed its first angel investment round, raising a total of SAR 2 million from three investors.


Welcome Cloud People

Welcome Cloud People

Are you an entrepreneur driven by a business passion, and have an idea that you want to take to the next level and launch as a Cloud Service?

Possibly a Service Provider who already has an online service but wants to take it a big leap further, growing your customer base, getting into new markets or customer segments with minimal change?

A corporate person who needs to learn how cloud computing can help your organization do better business, looking for training programs, workshops, free or paid ….. ?… then you are all at the right place.

We encourage you to look around our site. You might be interested to learn more about our products & services.

Web Appreneurs & SaaS Providers

Web Appreneurs & SaaS Providers

You need more SaaSMoney?This is why we built SaaSMoney for you. It is a software commercialization platform that helps developers turn their software into an online service without having to worry about the logistics behind.

The platform offers tools that help you define your web application as a service, create service plans (offering packages) for it , publish landing pages that you use to lure prospects into trying your software service, upgrade them into paying customers, bill them periodically and get them to actually execute their payments.

It helps code owners manage service subscribers life cycle from provisioning all the way to payment. This is all done so that developers focus on core functions of their code.

SaaSMoney helps you as a developer turn into an Appreneur, an Application Entrepreneur, complementing your core application functionality with online business requirements such as flexible and easily changeable pricing models, customer boarding and provisioning, billing and account management. 

BusinessClouds is investor friendly

BusinessClouds is investor friendly

At the core of our business model, we manage a portfolio of independent business projects.

Weather it is the mother shareholding company; i.e. BusinessClouds, or the subsidiary project, all are managed in an investor friendly way. We use valuation services & valuation tools from financial analyst companies such as Scalar Analytics to manage Equity Intelligence, Private Equity Stock Management & Employees Stock Options.

We give our investors access to these tools so that they can track, with ease, their equity value based on our financial performance data that is updated regularly. Visit our portfolio and let us know if you are interested in an investment opportunity. We might have some openings.